Choreographer: Fabrice Lambert

Assistant choreographer, Costume design: Hanna Hedman

Design: Anastasia Sokolova

Lighting designer: Philippe Gladieux

Music: Frédéric Laügt, Alexandre Meyer (guitar), Dirty Three – Dirty Equation

Running time: 60 minutes

• The piece was staged with the support of the French Institute, the French Embassy in Russia and the Alliance Française in Yekaterinburg

• World premiere: November, 2015 - Yekaterinburg (VII International Festival of Contemporary Dance Na Grani /At the edge)

​This piece is a fusion of the dance and the light. A light installation spots the dancers on the stage while creating light paths for their movements. The choreographer has a real-time control of the installation and responds to the movement of the dancers extending their body gestures with light.

AFTER US reveals time as it traverses through us. A movement embodies a gesture made in the moment. A movement transforms into light. The light transforms the space into dance engaging a dialogue between what is happening and what is left behind.

AFTER US embodies the present where we are now and the questions which will be left of us as our footprints left in space.

AFTER US is an experimental production that will never be repeated.

Created in the real time mode, the dance is born with the movement of the body and light.

The audience is confronted with a peculiar game where the terms are set, and the logic of the movements is calculated. The dancers improvise and seek the freedom of their actions within the set light paths and the offered solutions.

What decision should be taken? What are the options to act within the framework of a given structure? How one can reveal a personality, being built into the context of coexistence? The dancers bring in these questions on stage again and again.

The light installation, moving with the dancers, supporting or contradicting them becomes an important element of the choreography of the piece.

The impossibility of fixing a moving body, the elusiveness of the emotion experienced through the endlessly changing dance, the absence of the plot and the multiplicity of the meanings.

Is there anything left after us? Can we grasp the moment? What imprint of the dance will stay in air over the stage?

Fabrice Lambert (France): dancer and choreographer. He was born in 1974 in Grenoble. After graduating from Angers Center for Contemporary Dance  (France), Lambert works with such choreographers as Carolin Carlson, Catherine Divertres, Francois Verre, Rashid Uramdan. In 2000 he founded Experience Harmaat, a creative platform for dancers, artists and video artists. Such as Hannah Headman, assistant, dancer, teacher and Philip Gladew: a lighting artist and a video designer. Together with them, Lambert explores the concepts of motion, phenomenon and phenomenon in motion. His latest productions "Jamais assez" and "Incognito" were included in the main program of the Avignon Festival 2015.

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