Choreography: Chiara Ferraglia (Italy) and Riedon van den Berg (Netherlands), Skandalisi Dance

Light and costume design: Chiara Ferrara and Riedon van den Berg

Music: Enrico Meyer

Running time: 30 minutes


Do you know the feeling that just before falling backwards? You know that someone is standing there, but can you be sure that he or she will catch you?

AS LONG AS IT TAKES is a statement about the path of life. Pleasure, joy, mistakes, falls, sadness, pain and recovery: these are the steps that we make in our life journey.

Thousands of emotions pulsate through our body. Emotions that we can not ignore, feelings that we cannot turn off.  The choreographers primarily rely on their personal experience: "their own scars." But an integral and important part of this piece is a life experience and the emotions of all the participants. The dancers are the co-authors of the action.

Skandalisi Dance is a choreographers’ collective, founded in 2014. The members of the team: Chiara Ferraglia and Riedon van den Berg began with the creation of the duet piece Remember When… .Together, they created productions that were presented at various festivals, including Theatraal AM Waal and Festival De Oversteek in Holland.

The works of Chiara and Riedon are based on a constant variation of tension and intention. Trust, accuracy and energy  constantly contribute to each other and bring out the deepest, innermost feelings of dancers and spectators alike. The atmospheres they create engage the audience entirely.

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