Choreographers: Walter Matteini, Ina Broeckx

Set and costume design: Walter Matteini, Ina Broeckx

Music: Antonio Vivaldi, Max Richter, Ezio Bosso

Lighting design: Walter Matteini, Maksim Sergachev

Running time: 70 minutes

Provincial Dances Theatre’s Mr. and Mrs. Macbeth avoids the classical interpretations of Shakespeare’s tragedy. However, the piece is not only about the pursuit of power. The choreographers of the piece, Walter Matteini (Italy) and Ina Broeckx (Belgium), consider the love story to be the most important element of the plot. To them, it gives the play its timeless character.

We see the main characters, Mr. and Mrs. Macbeth, long after they have left this earth. They endlessly live through their sins in one of the circles of hell. The only thing that keeps them from going mad is that they are together. Watching the past, having no way to stop their fall, the main characters constantly yearn for their own innocent and happy selves as they once were.

We recognize other characters from Shakespeare’s tragedy: the three witches alter the fates of the characters. The late King Duncan, Macduff and the ghosts are all fused in one image of grave mistakes and crimes of which the Macbeths can never rid themselves.

Mr. and Mrs. Macbeth feel passion, hate, sadness, and tenderness, the weight of responsibility, a sense of damage and the inability to exist without each other. All these conflicting feelings are exposed in the precise movements of the dancers and the complex choreography.

A new look at the classical play is emphasized by the unconventional set design: the strings in front of the stage change their color with the light.  They turn into rivers of blood, a purifying rain, or a web of fate which finally catches the Macbeths.  

Another major element of the piece is the music. The fragments of the musical pieces by Ezio Bosso, Max Richter, and Antonio Vivaldi were carefully selected and masterly combined into the piece’s score, intertwining sadness, subtlety and tenderness, all of which add to the telling of the tale.

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